Projection equipment
All lenses in our projectors are custom made for us and are the finest quality obtainable anywhere. And we use special Xenon bulbs that are 100% brighter than standard equipment movie theater bulbs. The fact is, if we focused all our Xenon bulbs together and pointed them into the sky, their beam could be seen from the moon. And it shows, on our screens. Our patrons frequently comment that movies they see at the CINEMALL® have the brightest and sharpest pictures they've ever seen, with the richest and deepest colors they ever seen.

Stadium Seating
Our new theaters have the steepest incline of stadium seating in any theater in SouthWest Virginia, the Tri-Cities and NorthEast Tennesee. Your seat is set one and one half vertical feet higher than the seat in front of you, assuring you of an unobstructed view of the entire screen. And each row of seating is 4 feet in depth, meaning plenty of leg extension room.

In addition, all of our theaters are equipped with wide, plush, high-back, contoured ROCKING chairs, and cup holders in the cushioned armrests. The height of each seat back is carefully designed to serve as a neck rest when one leans his or her head back.

The seats in 8 of our 12 theaters also feature the love-seat option, where the center arm rest between each seat lifts up to become part of the back rest. There is a supplemental cup holder in between the two seats making up the dual love seat.

Sound Systems

ALL of our sound systems are DIGITAL, and the Abingdon Cinemall® is the ONLY theater in Southwest Virginia, the Tri-Cities and Northeast Tennessee fully equiped with the Fly-Overhead Extended Surround Sound System designed by George Lucas and Dolby Laboratories, originally for StarWars Espisode 1.

The Cinemall® has been showcased on ABC's 'GOOD MORNING AMERICA SHOW' and designated as the best movie theater in the USA by both news media and our loyal patrons. For StarWars Episode 2 we set a national record seating patrons from 42 different states and 3 foreign countries. These distant patrons learned that the reports were true - you could literally 'feel the force flow through you'.

In addition, the Abingon Cinemall® is the ONLY theater anywhere featuring the custom-designed Hyperdrive Sound System, containing as many as 65 speakers in all of our 12 theaters, and each of which are specially configured based upon each particular movie's soundtract to deliver as much as several thousand watts of driver-power. Our patrons rely on our unique sound systems to heighten the excitement of the movie-going experience, particularly in action/adventure, sci-fi and horror movies, and we respond by delivering the highest quality of movie sight and sound - consistently, since we first opened in February of 1998.

Our theaters added in 2003 also feature thick acoustical felt-covered wall-panels, designed to absorb higher frequency sound so as to prevent that sound from bouncing or reverberating.


For those of you who are sound-sensitive or bothered by loud sounds, and especially for very young children, we supply ear plugs at no charge. In fact, if you or anyone accompanying you are hearing sensitive or find the sound level in any particular movie we are showing to be too loud or otherwise bothersome, yet you and/or they insist on staying in the movie, we insist and strongly recommend that you and/or they wear ear-plugs, which we keep on hand at all times and distribute free-of-charge.

Further, if you or anyone accompanying you are hearing sensitive or find the sound level in any particular movie we are showing to be too loud or otherwise bothersome, we insist and strongly recommend that you and/or they exit the movie when it begins, whereupon we will give you and/or they a full refund of the ticket price paid. However, you and/or they must exit the movie within its first 15 minutes. You and/or they cannot wait beyond that point and thereafter receive a refund (although exceptions can be made in the theater manager's discretion).

This is not meant to suggest that we play our movies too loud. But some people are more hearing sensitive than others, some people are more tolerant or less tolerant of various sound volume levels, we use highly sophisticated digital surround sound equipment in all our theaters, and we do not wish to make the movie-going experience unpleasant in any way for anyone. In fact, we highly recommend that infants and very young children not be taken to see movies with loud soundtracts at our theater or at any other theater.

3D Features
Abingdon Cinemall is now equipped with 3D Dolby Digital Cinema in several of its auditoriums. For many years movie-goers have enjoyed a far superior surround sound experience at the Cinemall, and now the same is true for the 3D experience, as well as for the 2D Dolby Digital Cinema experience. While other digital 2D and 3D systems can be found in the area, they do not have the same high-definition resolution that the Cinemall presents to its audiences. The difference between the Cinemall®s digital cinema and others is similar to the difference between high-definition and standard definition. The Cinemall is proud to present the highest quality, premier 3D digital experience available anywhere,featuring digital 3D stereoscopic projection technology by Real D®, digital cinema by Dolby®, and digital theatrical projection by Barco®.