How to play:

Game Time Arcade uses debit card technology! Simply purchase your Game Time card, load your card with the amount of play you wish. Select the game you wish to play and tap it! Your now ready to enjoy your game! ALSO, any points you earn will be loaded on your card automatically, and can be redeemed at the Redemption Center  for prizes! Your points can also be saved on your card, so you can save up and get bigger prizes!!

Package Deal Pricing:  Purchase CREDITS OR TIME!

Prices for game *CREDITS:      * No Restrictions  on play                       

Single:  24 credits for $6.00

Double: 50 credits for $10.00

Triple:  84 credits for $15.00

Home Run : 124 credits for $20.00

Grand Slam : 180 credits for $25.00

Prices for game ** TIME:  **restrctions apply, no crane play, no redemption points awarded

7 minutes for $6.00

15 minutes for $10.00

25 minutes for $15.00

40 minutes for $20.00

60 minuts for $25.00



This list of games may be changing 'as we speak' since our games are constantly being updated and changed.                                 



  • Air FX   
  • Bean Bag Toss 
  • Big Bass Wheel 
  • Candy House
  • Crusin Blast
  • Down The Clown   
  • Grab & Win  Crane
  • Ice Ball 
  • Ice Man 
  • Jurassic Park 
  • KC Cobra
  • Key Master Crane
  • Lucky Duck Crane
  • NBA
  • Minecraft Dungeons 
  • Quick Drop 
  • Show Time Crane
  • Space Invaders 
  • Ticket Time Crane
  • Trolls Blue 
  • Trolls Green 
  • Trolls Pink 
  • Trolls Yellow 
  • Whack & Win



Collect tickets and redeem them for prizes!